J.R. Anderson, designing innovative machines since 1966; especially for the cookie and snack food industry since 1981


I have designed and manufactured custom machinery, such as the salt recovery conveyor and hopper shown here. Other examples of past projects include:

  • Many special-application conveyors.
  • Self-powered belt trackers
  • Magazine feeders for cookie base cakes.
  • Lab wirecut extruder drive system and cut mechanism conversions, featuring servo or vector drive, with speed range from 10 to 250 cpm
  • Lab sized rotary molders enhanced, featuring PLC controlled motors, tangential cog-belt driven die roll (very clean!), pneumatic roll and belt tensioning, and belt self-tracking.
  • Design of spiral bread cooling system.
  • Updating of an older production wirecut extruder’s drive system.
  • Conversion of a production rotary molder to an electronic speed control drive.
  • Conversion of a high speed pouch filler machine to nitrogen fill.
  • Design enhancements for dough sheeting, laminating, and cutting equipment.
  • Design and manufacture of a “Pick and Place” machine for delicate pastry products.
  • Many more miscellaneous projects