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The machine shown, a pilot plant size “high - versatility” machine, is now for sale*, below cost, along with the patent**.

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**The patent (#7,191,957) remains the personal property of Joseph R. Anderson

JRAC Depositor 013

The                        JRAC Depositor       U.S. Patent No. 7,191,957


The JRAC Depositor is made especially for depositing viscous materials, such as jams, jellies, filler creams, peanut butter, chocolates, soft dough and batters, fondants, and other flow-able materials. It is unique, in that it uses the principal of peristalsis as its primary means of metering the deposited amount.

The principal of peristalsis consists of moving a liquid or flowable viscous material through a flexible tube by pinching the filled tube, and travelling the pinch along the tube.


In its basic form, the JRAC Depositor consists of a flexible tube, connected on one end to a manifold or hopper, and on the other end, to a nozzle, as shown here. An immediate advantage is obvious: the material to be deposited has a clean path from the manifold to the nozzle, without touching any moving parts, thus providing the ultimate in sanitation.


JRAC Depositor 014

Shown here on display at the   APV Baker booth, Interpack, May, 2002

     Features of the displayed model:

  • Standard machine widths, 16-48”
  • Deposit volume 0-2.2 cubic inches
  • Speeds of up to 100 rows per minute with a single row of nozzles
  • Depositor equipped with double or triple row nozzles will allow speeds of up to 200-300 rows per minute
  • Nozzle feed tubes allow unlimited combinations of nozzle/deposit patterns such as:
  • Straight, swirl and elongated deposits
  • Staggered row deposits
  • Servo driven for pinpoint accuracy and repeatability
  • Few moving parts for reduced maintenance
  • Anti-tailing action for clean deposits
  • Self contained feed system available
  • Operator control enclosure with touch screen capability and controls housing servo motors
  • Minimum clean up / change over time
  • Sanitary design with no contact between process material and moving parts.


JRAC Depositor 032

Elongated deposits shown (Can be across the band as shown, or in the direction of band travel


In 2001 APV Baker introduced the JRAC Depositor at the Baking Industry Exposition in Las Vegas.

For a free ten minute M-peg video cd featuring the JRAC Depositor, or for other information, please contact Joe Anderson.